Wolfpoint is a village located among the grasslands close to the eastern Scent Border.  Its citizens are an independent folk, preferring their physical and social distance from the rest of the Territories.

Something Smells Fishy…

What follows has been made up by a campaign participant and is not, strictly-speaking, canon.

Citizens of Wolfpointe (affectionately known as "Wolfpointers") are independent to a fault.  Of course, their remote location also promotes the value of cooperation, creating a tightly-knit community.

Location/Structure: Wolfpointe exists below a sharp, rocky mound in the tall grasses of the area.  When viewed from the proper angle, the rock looks like a huge wolf's head, howling towards the sky.  The village has been built around the base and underneath the rock.

Size: Village

Government: Due to the independent nature and small number of its citizens, Wolfpointe has no official government.  Town members will simply meet (usually spontaneously) when an issue demands their collective attention.  Discussion at such meetings can be impassioned and chaotic, but with enough debate and brow-beating, the village usually gets close enough to consensus.  Of course, conclusions reached at such meetings are hardly binding.

Major Trades: Grass harvest and weaving.

Import/Export: Wolfpointe exports grass grains and all manner of products made from woven grasses.  Due to its small size, it imports any other crafts that cannot be created locally from other cities throughout the Territories.


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